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    Hey people
    hope some one can help – I have used the imgbrowz0r tutorial to create a website
    now i would like to know how i would make the content load as a slider
    two things i was thinking

    1st: add a some functions inside the prettyPhoto light box script to make my content behave like a slider so i
    am on one page

    2nd: to put the prettyPhoto lightbox plugin into a content slider like the "Anything Slider"

    could some suggest a simple way of doing either

    what i am going for is something similar to this website but in jquery

    I like how when you click the thumbnails the images slide – but I also like how light box opens up one your current page!

    many thanks


    that is not a lightbox. That site is done in flash.

    if you want a slider, then just google jquery sliders, there are thousands of tutorials on it and then put in your lightbox. There are many different tutorials on lightboxes


    yes i know that site is flash, thats why i said i wanted to do similar but with javascript.

    Anyway thanks for the reply – I still have no idea how to put a slider into a lightbox


    Hi Betzster
    Thanks for the response – kinda gave up on the idea in the end trying another solution :-)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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