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    Hello all- I’m brand new here and just starting to learn what CSS is all about. I’ve followed a tutorial to apply a CSS transition to a DIV, but I needed it for another purpose so I tweaked around with the tutorial to get it to do what I wanted …kind of. This is the result–

    []( “”)

    If you click the ‘video’ button it animates how I want, but in the context I needed to use it in, it wont work. I want the button to appear anywhere on the page, but the video popup always needs to be centered. So I started writing a new layout from scratch for testing and got it all styled and it’s working how I want now BUT I cannot get the animations to work anymore, I’ve tried everything my meager brain can try but it has not worked. Here is the newly styled version without the animations–

    []( “”)

    Sadly for me, the tutorial just didn’t explain enough of how the animation was working with the form item activation. If anyone could take a look and offer a suggestion, I’d be extremely appreciative.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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