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    Hello guys! I want to have a perfect solution for making every ‘a’, ‘a:hover’ tag have some styles – padding, background etc but the logo h1 a and a img to havent

    now I have in my mind 2 options – to clean ‘h1 a’ and ‘a img’ with padding:0 etc (even thoug I need to add id to have more selector weight) and use css3 not artibute

    currently I use first option just clean unneded elements

    And I want to hear your opinion

    here sample of my code


    Possibly use different selectors:


    it’s the same as with id -redeclaring, but nvm thx for pointing it out!
    thx Ive realised there are 3 variants:

    1) redeclare (clean) margins, padding, bg etc

    2) apply class to every ‘a’ tag that is not ‘h1 a’, ‘a img’

    3) use css3

    Im choosing 1st

    and thx for your time John

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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