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    more and more I find out that it is better to work on APPLE notebook and using related software than develop on WINDOWS.

    What is your opinion?

    Is it easiear to use APPLE applications, like TextMate and others when developing websites?

    Is creating webs on Windows slower?


    I think it is really a personal preference.
    For instance. My whole family uses apples. My parents for writing, my brother for his music, and my sister for The Sims.

    But I just can’t get my workflow right on a mac. I find the user interface of windows mutch easier, and am able to work better.

    And about the software. Most developing tools for any OS have an equivalent for an other OS. I use Notepad++ to create my websites. I believe its very similar to TextMate.

    I also like the fact that i can buy a windows pc with twice the power for the same price as a mac.


    I use Notepadd++ also

    and TopStyle editor for CSS … really can recommend, awesome editor

    I asked because here (Europe, Czech Republic) are not so many APPLE users


    100% personal preference and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


    @thedoc It is personal preference, but, unlike your average pc, a mac can run ANY x86/x64 OS. It can run OSX, Windows, and Linux, and how do you know what you prefer if you haven’t tried all three?


    As TheDoc says, it definitely comes down to personal preference. I was a Windows user for many, many years before switching to Mac — and I would never go back. I personally do find apps on Mac OS easier to use — even Microsoft Office. Doesn’t mean I’m right, it’s just what I prefer.

    Seems like this topic pops up every now and again. I’ll put the over/under for this thread at 60 comments, with 1/3 preaching personal preference, 1/3 preaching Apple love, and 1/3 saying Apple sucks and is overpriced and Windows is the only way to go. :)


    @markthema3 – true enough. I suppose I’m trying to point out that people with a Mac are 99% sure to suggest to get an Apple product. People running Windows are 99% sure to suggest getting a PC.

    Asking a question like Mac or PC on an open forum is not going to help – only trial and error will help find your choice.


    And people running Linux are even more likely to tell you that Linux is immeasurably better. Linux people are (hypothetically) more likely to give good advice, as they most likely know a good deal about computers. In this case, I can’t honestly recommend Linux, as my personal favorite tool (Dreamweaver) is not available on Linux, and it is too complex to be run in WINE.


    I honestly have to recommend Windows in this case, as there are fewer widely used web browsers compatible with OSX (and the one that you most need to test is ONLY on windows). Both OSX and Linux have crappy Flash support, so if you want to do flash you’re kind of outta luck.

    Buy at the same price you would spend on a Mac and you will be just fine.


    I take it you have never encountered a true Linux fanboy. Or are you rounding and predicting that 1% will be Linux fanboys?


    It really is personal preference, I personally have used both but prefer Mac to PC for the following reasons.

    1) software is easier to use in general
    2) nicer looking interface (yeah I know its just a vanity thing but i find it hard to use something without a nice interface)
    3) can easily run both MacOSX and Windows so i can test my websites on both platforms
    and 4) it’s more secure out of the box and I find it easier to use.

    Again those are just my opinions, just like anything if you’ve used something for a long time, chances are anything else you try will seem difficult and inefficient to use until you have used it enough to get used to it.


    Well, I have had a revelation. I worked with a neighbor’s iMac earlier today, and Parallels runs Windows with incredible speed. Running a 3D mechanical CAD program without any lag in a virtual machine = easily have a window open with every web browser you could think of.


    @markthema3 — lol! How could I forget Linux??? Okay, let’s make it an even 25% for each category, and I’ll up the over/under to 80. :)


    thanks for opinion guys

    I know lots of people in all 3 “camps” PC, APPLE even LINUX ;)

    since I am working for IBM it is hard not to know IT guys :D
    guess I could borrow and APPLE for a weekend to try it out from some colleague

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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