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    I am trying to use AnythingZoomer in a website I am building. However I have found that the mover only disappears at the page edge on the right hand side of the rushmore image and not at the edge of the image (as with the left, top, and right edges).

    This behaviour occurs with the demo on the CSS-tricks website, when I run it from the download pack, and in my own prototype website.

    In the CSS have added coloured borders to the containers “wrap”, “small”, and “large”, and this shows that these containers all extend to the right hand page edge. This test in the javascript in zoomer.query.js:

    if ( (x < -expansionSize) || (x > smallArea.width() + expansionSize) || (y < -expansionSize) || (y > smallArea.height() + expansionSize) ) {

    suggests that the plug-in is acting “correctly” on the data it has, so I’m left wondering whether there is something I have missed or failed to understand. The way the demo works on the website (using IE8, Chrome, Firefox 3.6) also seems to point this way. I believe that the HTML is being rendered according to the “rules” of the box model. I’m at a loss for ideas. Can anyone help?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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