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AnythingSlider with expand: true not resizing for wider screen

  • # January 11, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Hi all,

    I’ve got a slider here:

    I’ve initialized the slider with the following parameters:

    mode: “horizontal”,
    expand: true,
    resizeContents: false,
    buildStartStop: false,
    onInitialized: function()
    var slideTemp = $(‘#mobile-slider’).data(‘AnythingSlider’);
    $(‘.page-counter’).text( slideTemp.currentPage + ” / ” + slideTemp.pages );

    onSlideComplete: function()
    //sets up the x of x pages count
    var slideTemp = $(‘#mobile-slider’).data(‘AnythingSlider’);
    $(‘.page-counter’).text( slideTemp.currentPage + ” / ” + slideTemp.pages );


    When I make a screen smaller, the slider resizes appropriately and gets smaller. However, when I make the slider wider (basically, mimicking a phone flipping from portrait to landscape), it doesn’t widen to fill the screen, and looks weird because the rest of the screen has a fluid layout that expands to fit the screen. I see the expand demo and it works the way I would expect, so I’m wondering why this doesn’t and how to fix it?


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