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    Hi there! I have a site where I installed WordPress and installed a theme that includes AnythingSlider as the default homepage slider, where it worked normally. Then, for various reasons, I had to change the site back to straight HTML/CSS/JS, which I did by saving the pages in Firefox which stripped the WordPress PHP code and left intact the rest of the code. The slider still works but appears a little differently. First, the slide speed was much faster than the original, but I figured out how to adjust that. The other issue which I can’t figure out is that now the slider moves the images one at a time – as the slide moves, it leaves the space blank beside it, rather than start to pull the next slide into the frame. If I didn’t alter the js files for the AnythingSlider other than to adjust the speed of the animation, is there a reason why the slider now runs differently? What file and where in that file can I tell the slider to run the default way, like your demo? Maybe I am missing an important .js file?

    These are the ones that got saved when I was saving pages:


    (hmmm some of these might not be part of the AnythingSlider, but just to be sure I’ll leave the whole list there)

    I’m just a HTML/CSS web designer, you may have to dumb it down a little for me lol If it would help for me to show the current state of my site, let me know if I should post it for you to look at.



    Hi indexmedia!

    I can only guess at what might be wrong, but to me it sounds like a css issue. Make sure the anythingslider.css theme file is being loaded. Then make sure no other css is interfering with it – like adding padding to the UL or LI’s inside the slider.


    Alright, let me post the site to allow us to check for sure:

    Now in the original WordPress theme setup, I don’t see any mention of a file anythingslider.css and I haven’t been able to find it in the subfolders for the theme when you unzipped the theme file, maybe they somehow adapted and adjusted the slider to fit their theme? It still works normally when in the WordPress theme, weirdly enough.

    – Christine

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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