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    i’m trying to get this:

    “var current = $(‘#slider1’).data(‘AnythingSlider’).currentPage; // returns page #”

    to print out the current slide # into a separate div to let the user know via pure text what slide he/she is on – ie “(1) of 5”, “(2) of 5”, “(3) of 5”, etc; parentheses denoting current slide #


    also, found this past thread which might or might not be related to a solution:

    var nameArray = new Array(“Name 1″,”Name 2″,”Name 3″,”Name 4″,”Name 5″,”Name 6”)function formatText(index, panel){
    var myHtml = “

    My text for Panel #” + index + ” is ” + nameArray[index] + “

    return myHtml;

    i tried placing it in my footer right before the closing body tag:

    but i’m unsure as to where .myDiv gets printed out in html- am i missing something?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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