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    First of all thanks for the wonderful script, i’ve been using this website for long time and it’s one of my favorites.

    the script is working great in all browsers, except, you guessed it right, IE. (im using IE8 now but the client saw this bug when using IE7 i think)
    you can see the webpage here: – ps: page is in hebrew! be-ware :))
    as you can see, it loads fine… no problem at all…
    Now press the F5 key or hit REFRESH.
    you see what i mean?
    i don’t know why this happens.
    It’s not that bad.. but it got my really frustrated , i’ve been trying to debug it for hours… and no luck.

    if i go to the URL/ADRESS BAR and press enter (whice supposed to do the same as refreshing), it works fine… but only when F5ing it – it goes bad – jumping to the right a bit and messing it up.

    this webpage was not validated and doesn’t have a DOC TYPE tag… but i don’t think it’s the case… since when IE give a *#@$ about those stuff… i’m guessing that if it works perfectly on FF and Chrome, it doesn’t have to do anything with it.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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