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    First of all, Chris – thank you thank you thank you for this website!
    I need a different kind of help, it’s also connected to the “slide” and “fade” issue.
    I have a .js running the slideUp and slideDown for a #panel on top of my website.

    $(function() {

    // Expand Panel


    // Collapse Panel

    // Switch buttons from "Lesen" to "Schliessen" on click
    $("#toggle a").click(function () {
    $("#toggle a").toggle();


    Somehow, the AnythingSlider script and this one are interacting in a way that the #close and #open buttons and the .back and .forward arrows in the .anythingSlider are SLIDING up and down instead of just hovering seamlessly… And that only in Chrome and Safari 5.0??? I am a newbie , so please , enlighten me if iam missing the obvious!
    i thiks somehow the script above is messing around with the wrong “a”_tags. or is it the anythingSlider script that is appending the sliding to the wrong “a”s?

    Thanks a million for your time and answer!

    reading about image hovers with jquery, i think the problem has something to do with images being sprites, and somehow they are sliding instead of just hovering, but as i said only in safari and chrome… ???

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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