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    I’ve recently finished a video based web site that links multiple YT playlists by category in a simple html and css layout, the trick was the config; that was done with php. The problem I’m having is with the AnythingSlider in the footer.
    It’s link’d via < ?php include('AnythingSlider.php/footer1.php');?>
    As a stand alone the demo slider displays on Localhost as intended. when link’d, it shows the html; no pics, no vid and there’s no box or nav tabs, buttons etc…. I’ve been at this a day and half now, any help would be greatly appreciated. My experience is limited to html/css/php w/ zero js/jquery; I know it when I see it and can work around it.
    It’s gotta be a config issue.
    If ya got any solutions let me know, thanks, J

    # February 13, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    Hi Porter!

    It almost sounds like there might be a problem in the way the page is included. But , I’m not great with php so I’m only guessing here.

    It would help us trouble shoot the problem better if you shared some of your code. Also make sure to check your console (press F12) to look for any javascript errors.

    # February 13, 2013 at 11:34 pm

    > include(‘AnythingSlider.php/footer1.php’);

    You have a directory named `AnythingSlider.php`? I’d start by double-checking that path.

    As @mottie says, more code is necessary for more troubleshooting.

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