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    First of all, I’ve been scouring the forums looking for a similar problem, so apologies if I’m beating a dead horse and this has been covered before.

    Secondly, I think my problem is mainly CSS (perhaps something screwy with absolute positioning and IE) but it could also be JS or even PHP. But I had to choose one, so we’ll start with CSS.

    I want to use the AnythingSlider as a dynamic banner on a site that I have created for a non-profit that I volunteer with. It’s a WordPress site. The content for the slides comes from a secondary loop getting posts from a specific category (‘featured banners’) then displaying an image (custom field) and the content (text overlay). I work on a Mac and use Firefox and Safari. Threw it together last night, worked perfectly. Checked it at work this morning with IE 8 on Windows, looked like crap. slides were scattered all over the page, text was not overlayed on the slides.

    I think the problem might be this: The slider actually is generated quite low in the page, just before the footer (after the main loop is done), then brought back up to the top of the page using absolute positioning. Also, the text is placed on top of the image slide using more absolute positioning. I thought everything was squared away with relative/absolute blocks, but it’s all over the place in IE (looks fine using Firefox or Safari on Windows, so it’s definitely a browser thing).

    I also noticed that only one slide seems to be "functioning" in IE, and one slide tab is generated. This makes me think it could be a JS issue as well… There should be 5. Perhaps because I’m running my other JQuery using no conflict mode?

    The page in question is here:

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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