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    Hello Everyone and
    First let me thank Chris for sharing the anythingslider and all the other code with all of us!

    Ok down to business:
    I know that anythingfader is not ready for public use but I went ahead and used it. I had a client who wanted a slideshow so I used anythingslider and integrated it into a WordPress Theme. After some time the client requested that the animation change from a slide to a fade. I didnt want to ditch all the code I had just written and the client didnt have the budget to have me do so anyway. So I settled on using the anythingfader. And all was right in the world …

    Until today when the client now wants some slideshows to only contain one slide. So my question for anyone who cares to listen is how do I alter the JS to either a) not build the navigation when there is only one slide or b) simply stop the fading action?

    Here is what I have already tried:
    – taking snippets out of the updated anythingslider and plopping them in the fader JS (not sure if they were the right snippets mind you)
    – added a little to the JS in the that only starts the fader if it has nth-child – from this link

    These didnt work – doesnt mean they wont – probably means I didnt do it right ;)

    So any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks again to Chris and thanks in advance to anyone who drops some knowledge on me


    I think this is a feature of the ‘latest’ anything slider. Try downloading this version


    hello jamy_za
    thank you for your comment – but unfortunately it doesnt completely solve my problem
    you see, I would love to use the updated code, but I need the animation to be a fade rather than a slide and currently the anythingslider does not fade and the anythingfader code still builds the navigation and animates with only one slide …

    I wish I knew more jquery than I would just fix this myself – but alas I am just an html/css guy

    thanks again though!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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