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    Hey guys!

    I am new att jquery and javascript so be gentle.

    I got a problem, i got this site that uses anything slider.
    The page with the anything slider is “dancers”.

    i got a main menu. “home” -” about” -“dancers”
    The dancers menu is a drop downmenu. So on hover, all the dancers(with names) show up.
    each dancer got a slider number.
    #1 = dancer 1
    #2 = dancer 2
    # = and so on.

    Inside the dancers-page i can slide throw all the girls using the static link buttons or the left and right arrows.

    startPanel : 1

    My problem is when am at the startpage(home, or any other side on my page) and want to go to a special dancer.
    i hover over dance and then click dancer#5(in the dropdownmenu) we say.

    The link only takes me to the dancers page and show the first dancer on the slider NOT the choosing dancer.

    So my question is – How do a make the clickfunction to understand that the clicked link should go to the specified dancer in the slide? Not the default first one.

    Anyone who can help me out?




    Use this JavaScript code

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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