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    I am building a custom wordpress theme and I am using a meta-box image uploader to populate AnythingSliders for product pages.

    If you check out this link you will see a little gap between the image and the next element. Source code reveals that the image height is 4px less than the slider li element that wraps it. I’ve combed my css and the jquery file to see if I could figure out where it is coming from. . .

    My Question: Where is this 4px coming from? The Slider, The CSS, or The Uploader? I’m pretty sure it is not in the CSS and hopefully this forum will help me to fix or rule out AnythingSlider as the source of the problem.

    I can pull up the next element to cover it up, but that is not a true fix. . .and it seems new uploads will re-create the gap.

    Homepage has a slider populated in the same manner. . .but the 4px doesn’t appear (maybe because it is fixed width).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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