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    After reading through some of the previous posts about Anything Slider, I believe I’m having some difficulty getting the slider to work properly in IE 8. I’ve tested in Chrome and Firefox and no issues, but of course like always issues in IE 8. Love to get any insight on what the problem might be. I have the latest version of Anythings Slider and have gone through markup validator, but still having issues. Here’s a like to the site:

    Thanks for any help. I’m on a deadline and this is one of the final hurdles for me.


    Let me also preface that I tested this numerous times in DW and worked fine, but I had to put this code into Convio CMS and that’s when the issues started to appear.



    I see a few issues with the coding.

    • The latest version of AnythingSlider works best with jQuery 1.5+ (current version is 1.7.1). The site is using version 1.2.6.
    • The Nivo slider has a script tag, but the file isn’t found.
    • AnythingSlider Video extension is being loaded before the slider itself – it disables itself if the slider script hasn’t already been initialized.
    • Something is weird about the DOCTYPE at the top of the page – IE switches to quirks mode automatically, so I’m guessing this transitional DOCTYPE is the cause.
    • There are a bunch of other validation errors that could also cause IE to choke.

    Hey Moxie,

    Thank you for taking a look at the page. You were totally right about the DOCTYPE, that fixed the quirks mode. I’m grabbing the latest version of jQuery and fixing some of the other validation errors. I’m stilling having issues with the navigation controls, not working. I think that my have to do with the video extension loading. Beyond that I’m having issues with my jQuery dropdown menu bar. The width:auto classification isn’t working. Really do appreciate you taking a look and getting back to me. Thanks.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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