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    Hey Mottie,

    I’ve read your solution on github “AnythingSlider is starting from the last panel instead of the first. How do I fix it?”. I’m having the same problem but with AnythingFader. The last slide is appearing first in IOS and Google Chrome (although the first tab is highlighted). Is there a solution for this yet?

    Many Thanks,



    Hi John,

    As the FAQ for AnythingSlider states, the issue is from the plugin using scrollLeft. The problem is that you cannot set a scrollLeft position when the slider is hidden; try as you might to set it, as soon as the slider comes into view, the scrollLeft position will be set to zero.

    So, 1) don’t hide the slider, 2) set the slide after the slider becomes visible (this requires a callback from whatever plugin or code that is hiding the slider – tab, accordion, etc), or 3) try using AnythingSlider to do the fade effect (described above)

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)
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