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    hey there, great job on anythingslider!

    I was wondering, I looked through some posts and couldn’t find anything quite like what I was looking for. I’ve been able to get text in the .thumbNav li generated buttons using the var nameArray. All’s good. I need to have fully styled html like:
    < a div here>

    an h2 styled heading here for slide 1

    a “p” tag for a paragraph for slide 1 here

    < / a closing div tag here>

    and so on for the others… I have the .thumbnav li’s set up as 145 x 150px boxes set up in a horizontal row and need content in each of them as illustrated above. So as the panels slide, the boxes have a “current” state and the styled content is in each corresponding box for each slide. In other words, I need full html content and not just simple text… is this possible?


    Found a great and simple solution to this! I originally had a div with columns above the nav ( positioned absolute ), so the li a’s could not be “clicked” through the div above it to advance the slider…

    this guy had a very simple solution to allow click through of elements above links and it worked like a charm!

    simple css class and a little bit of IE conditional


    Update, this solution works, but in IE, the area is clickable, but the cursor changes to the “text” icon when hovering over text ( not clickable wherever text is ) but works great in FF etc… so any ideas on how to populate the .thumbNav li with full html would be greatly appreciated as this would be the ultimate solution…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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