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    Hello, I will happily domate to the author of the Anything slider if they can help me with my problem, as it mainly looks like a wonderful plugin.

    I have taken the video.html file for the download pack and altered it to just have youtube iframe slides in it which i need it to display:

    The problem i’m having, is that in Chrome on Mac, and IE7, when a Youtube video is playing, scrolling to the next slide doesn’t stop the video (it does in most other browsers).

    The demos for the sliders all show it working differently –

    – this pauses the Youtube video if the viewer scrolls to the nesxt slide, but it doesn’t pause correctly on this one: – as this link is form Github I guess this uses the same code that we can download – which when implemented does not pause when you scroll along like it should.

    My developing page at the top link does this – it dones not pause the Youtube video in Mac Chrome as it should…?

    Then the demo for the video.html page included in the code pack:

    does not allow you to even scroll to the next slide when the youtube video is playing.

    Please can you let me know what is the correct code to download / demo to take the source code form to allow for a slider of Youtube iframes / or embed code pause when the viewer scrolls tot he next slide?

    Thanks, and help massively appreciated, and i will happily donate if i can get the code that will work in all browsers?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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