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    First post here. I’ll start by saying that it won’t take you long to realize I don’t have a developer background. What I’ve attempted to do is pre-build a website for a local band by combining the anything slider that corresponds with a dynamic page that loads. I’ve surprisingly (for me) gotten this feature to work except in IE 6, 8, etc. I can get them to work using only one feature or the other but not together.

    I am sure I’m missing something or I’ve configured something so backwards that you’ll probably laugh at me. This can’t be the first time someone is attempting to do this but I can’t seem to find anything by searching.

    does anyone have any ideas or somewhere they can point me to?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Doggernaut!

    It looks like you are using version 1.4.6. Try downloading the latest version here… I think just about all of the css issues have been fixed since that earlier version.


    thanks. I updated those files but a have a couple of new things I’m noticing. A simple refresh isn’t working anymore in Safari (anything slider images don’t reload due to hashtag issues it seems).

    And the IE issues are still not solved. I don’t really care so much about anything previous to IE 8…it looks like it’s about to work when you first try to navigate to another page. the slider moves and the fade starts to happen but then the whole page reloads and it’s the relative link but frame 1 of the slider. grr…microsoft….

    it has to be something simple.


    In the latest version of AnythingSlider, the width and height of the slides is set in the css, so use

    #slider, #slider li {
    width: 700px;
    height: 350px;

    The width and height options have been deprecated.


    thanks mottie. I don’t think the anything slider function is my problem here. i’m thinking it’s an issue with some class/id agreement and a hashtag since it’s not writing it in the URL for IE…

    i have two version’s up now – one for the new Anything slider (which I don’t prefer since it doesn’t allow a simple refresh for me in Safari. I also tried forcing a #hashtag prefix to the linking pages in my HTML…just trying to get creative/stabs in the dark now. –

    and the old version of Anything slider (my preference)

    neither still work dynamic page in IE.


    Oh ok I think I understand the problem now…

    The archive version is pointing to completely separate pages which is why the slider isn’t showing the appropriate image. If this is the direction you are going, then you probably don’t even need to use AnythingSlider to show the correct image.

    The new version is using hash tags, but the hash is pointing to a non-existent id on the page. The way AnythingSlider uses hash tags is by first pointing to the slider on the page then the slide. For example, this hash (#panel1-2) points to the media tab on your page – panel1 is the first (and only) slider on the page, and the “2” points to the second slide. The hashtag option is built into AnythingSlider (ref) and by default it is enabled.

    Additionally, instead of using the “dynamicpage” script, check out this AnythingSlider demo. If you are interested, there are a few more demos to check out on the main document page.


    good point. i actually am only using the dynamic page now. which seems to be suitable for now. thanks!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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