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    I’m having a problem with anything slider :(

    It seems to have suddenly stopped working in IE over the Christmas holiday??? Our client has come back saying that instead of sliding through the pages it now scrolls and the next and previous button don’t work. Can someone take a look as its doing my head in!

    It can be seen here:

    Please help

    It seems to work in every other browser than IE.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Hi 2sco!

    If you look in this file, you’ll see this code…

    // If true, builds a list of anchor links to link to each panel
    buildNavigation : false,
    buildStartStop : false, // If true, builds the start/stop button
    startPanel : 1, // This sets the initial panel
    hashTags : true, // Should links change the hashtag in the URL?

    $('#fwd, #bck').click(function(){
    var direction = ( === 'fwd') ? 'goForward' : 'goBack';

    IE hates trailing commas, so the comma after “hashTags: true” needs to be removed.


    I am loving this slider. I can include both images and html5 videos in the same slideshow. Love it! The only issue I’m having is that, although my images are all the same size, some are portrait and some are landscape but I don’t want the slider to resize as it messes my page layout up, nor do I want to resize them to fit the container as then the portrait images just get stretched. Is there any way of forcing a crop or even better a resize of the portrait images to the container height while maintaining ratio (ie. bit of blank space on both sides).


    @Baldieboy: Please check out my answer in the other post.


    Mottie, you are a genius!!!

    I was messing around with it for around 4 hours yesterday and all I had to do was remove a comma!! Annoying but thank you very much, it all works fine now!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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