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    Anything Slider has been very good any flexible to our needs. However, we are having trouble with transitions. The slider pages are images. The only transition required is a simple clean fade to the next (without any slide) or our preference would be a lap dissolve. However, we can’t seem to get what we are after. All sorts of other transition but not what we want: simple clean transition.

    The code we use at the moment:

    // base FX definitions can be mixed and matched in here too.
    ‘.fade’ : [ ‘fade’ ],

    // for more precise control, use the “inFx” and “outFx” definitions
    // inFx = the animation that occurs when you slide “in” to a panel
    inFx : {
    ‘.fade’ : { opacity: 1, time: 500 }
    // out = the animation that occurs when you slide “out” of a panel
    // (it also occurs before the “in” animation)
    outFx : {
    ‘.fade’ : { opacity: 0, time: 0 }

    Which does not seem to work at all.

    Guidance would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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