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Anyone used Sandbox linked with another theme?

  • # November 23, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    Heya, just when I thought I was on the home straight…

    I’ve been working on a clients site in WP 2.8.5 using sandbox theme and also linked it with my own customised theme (linked through css) which worked fine:

    "The template files are located in /themes/customtheme. The stylesheet files are located in /themes/customtheme. Custom Theme uses templates from Sandbox. Changes made to the templates will affect both themes."

    In my CSS in customtheme folder I have set it to link to sandbox:

    Theme Name: ********
    Theme URI: http://www.****.**.**/blogs/customtheme/
    Description: A bespoke theme for ***
    Version: 1.0
    Author: ***
    Author URI: ***
    TEMPLATE: sandbox
    Tags: education, contemporary, clean

    Now when I transferred my files on to the clients WP Multi-User account – it doesn’t work. The link between the 2 themes do not show, but they show as separate themes and the site is broken when viewed.

    Does this mean you cannot link your custom theme to use some of sandbox features in WPMU, since it works in standard WP? I would be grateful for any advice on this, as I have to upload everything and get it working before the end of this week.

    **Also to add, my client set up a folder for me to add the files to, and then I let them know when to activate the theme – I have no control/access of their database, or able to see the full file directories or able to modify anything in my WPMU admin account – pretty much I can only add a page/ post or category.

    Many thanks :)

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