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    I’ve been using E text editor for some time now, and I really like it for basic coding. But one thing that I really would like is an autocomplete function. Like if I type <p> it would be nice to have it auto complete the </p> just to save some time. I know Dreamweaver has this function built in. Does anyone know of a way to modify E to accommodate for that or should I just graduate to a different editor, or just suck it up? :)

    Rob MacKay

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    I always found that tripped me up a little in HTML… no I have never used E Editor – I do use Notepad++ though, and I think that has an auto complete although I have it switched off…

    For something completely different, Eclipse editor is really nice as well, that has more auto complete functions and I use that for PHP mostly because of its error checking.

    Like I said I use the PHP flavour, although it does HTML nicely too.


    I use e-text editor. But like Rob, I don’t use "auto-close" the tag… In fact, I’m not sure if it has it or not. I used to use Dreamweaver (code view only of course) and I’m never going back.

    In fact, I want to use Coda, but they’re never releasing on Windows… I was thinking of switching over to mac, literally just for Coda. I didn’t buy CS5, like most people, I buy every other. But, I was thinking that if I were to have a Mac, I would buy ONLY Photoshop CS5 for Mac, then buy Coda, and forget the rest of the design suite. I don’t use InDesign, I dont use Dreamweaver anymore, I open Illustrator twice a year, and I dont need bridge and all that extra crap. And I use Flash twice a year, which my efforts result in nothing.


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    Thanks for the replies. I’ll give Eclipse a try. I used Aptana for a while, which is based on Eclipse, but I found it to be very cumbersome for basic HTML/PHP coding. I’m sure if you were a dedicated developer, you’d want something more robust. I used to note Notepad++ but even when I finally got it configured the way I wanted it, it totally just crashed out enough times to make me uninstall it and look for something else.

    I normally don’t like things that do the job for you because you get dependent on them, but it was nice for things that I use all the time like paragraph, list item, heading tags, etc.

    I’m with you on Coda man… I really wish someone would come up with something similar.


    I use E-Text Editor. I like it a lot.. better than Notepad++. It has better code coloring, in my opinion, and the snippets and autocomplete options are great. Not to mention Bundles… you can always add more.

    So… you want the <p> to autocomplete eh? I suggest you open the Bundle Editor (ctrl+shift+B) and skim down the HTML bundle (assuming you have it installed). Make a new snippet and call it "paragraph."

    In the new snippet, delete everything in there and type this:



    At the bottom, you’ll see "Activation: Tab Trigger " and so on. In the box next to it, type "p" (or whatever trigger you want).
    Now, in your .html file, all you have to do is type p, hit tab, and you have the opening and closing p tags and your cursor is sitting in the middle of them ready to go. Pretty awesome, no?

    I suggest you check out bundles and you can start making your own. They really are quite handy.


    Wow. That’s pretty impressive. It makes me think I’m under-utilizing my dreamweaver. I should probably look for some advanced DW tutorials.


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    mpenguin, you are the man! Thanks. I really need to dig into those :)


    Forget autocomplete and instead revel in the glory that is Zen Coding. The TextMate bundle is compatible with E and it’s just brilliant. Check it out: … html-code/ … new-level/

    Like if I type <p> it would be nice to have it auto complete the </p> just to save some time.

    The Zeus editor has a templates feature that makes it possible to define these kind of keyboard shortcuts. It will also integrate with the Zen Coding module.

    Note: Zeus is shareware.


    I prefer Notepad++ for most of my work.I recently heard of crimson editor but yet to try it.


    in E-editor I wouldn’t like to press Ctrl+Space for autocompletion.
    Is there a way, it popups on its own?


    Thesame issue here…Thanks everyone for sharing..


    I started using Sublime Text 2 after I found E-editor to be lacking. I now use it on my Mac and PC. It has auto complete and also supports Textmate bundles.


    I’m so glad others are using Sublime Text as well. I’ve been using it since June, people really seem to like it.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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