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    This is a bit complicated to explain but the issue is with my client.
    I need rollover from an image that is about 100px wide and 20px tall. I need that when rolled over to expand to about 100px x 100px with a hotspot area in the rolled over image. Pain in the but I have found.

    I used a cool expanding Javascript. But doesn’t disappear when rolled off. You have to click on it to turn it off. Took me long enough to figure out how to do what I have right now.
    They don’t like that and they want it when rolled over, it expands and you can click on the hot spot on the rolled over state. Using CSS uses background images for rollovers so creating hotspots are nearly impossible.
    Then when you mouse OFF of it, it disappears instead of a click off click on state. They want it to disappear when moused off.

    Here is the site right now with the Javascript on it. Nit picky people I tell you. But any help on this Rollover with a Hotspot solution would be great. It is giving me a migraine. … index.html


    where exactly on that page are you having this problem?

    My first idea was to rewrite the javascript with jquery. I had a similar situation where a pure js was not doing what i wanted it to do. I was able to rewrite the whole js (50 lines) into a jquery 5-liner….


    Sorry it is the Contact button down on the left bottom corner. It opens using the Accordian effect but they would like it to be rolled over and then the hotspot to be on the email address.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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