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    Today a client asked me if his design couldnt be wider than 960 px. At first i said no and tried to explain to him. But now i took some time and in genera W3C School has only 14 % of users still using 1024 * 768 PX but if you think about it that is still every 7th User of your page.
    Also found this:
    Now i would like to hear some other input.

    What do you guys think ?


    It ONLY matters what your client’s visitors are using.


    i have no data for that, as this is his first webpage…
    i’d like to hear a general opinion :)


    Have you heard of responsive design? There is nothing wrong with a layout that works well at multiple widths, in fact I would recommend it. You can use percentages over defined widths, or media queries (or a mix of both).


    Would be a Solution, but That is not the question.


    Well actually, that is exactly how I do my designs. I don’t want to explicitly answer yes to your question as I don’t just desing for 1200px and up. I take a mobile first approach and then have a few media queries for larger screen sizes.


    Josh and Gray (@TheDoc) have valid points whether it is or is not the question.

    What exactly did you explain to your client?

    I think 1200px is fine as long as you have media queries that adhere to common widths without any statistics at this point.


    I explained to my client that i chose 960px in width, as this is viewable on all common screensizes today. in his bussiness their wont be many mobile devices. i think i will make him a 1200 px verison and cover smaller screens with 960px… i was thinking about a liquid layout, but i think that this would take way to much time. i have never done it and the client wouldn’t be willing to pay more .

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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