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  • # August 5, 2012 at 12:54 am

    Hi everyone,

    I found something that I REALLY like and I thought I’d share. It’s extremely basic, but I found it to be incredibly good for the way I think and like to organize things.

    See it here:

    Essentially, it’s 1 page document that contains the ability to infinitely nest ideas. So for example, you could have 5000 different items contained in a nested structure from personal to work to project management. You can quickly add new items and then mark items as “complete”.

    My biggest challenge with a lot of organization systems (like Basecamp) is that it always ended up being too robust for the majority of my projects. Many of them are between me and maybe 2 other people, so email always made a lot more sense, but I still needed some kind of method to manage tasks. This thing appears to be working very well because it’s so simple, straight forward, easy to use, and it’s lightweight enough to work on a mobile phone with any crappy connection you can manage to the internet.

    Hopefully someone else can find it useful as well!

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