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    I am pretty sure that this site is using a purchased theme with some tweaks, but I wanted to be sure. Has anyone ever seen it?


    Honestly to me it looks like a rip-off of OnWired ( though I guess it is possible for them to be using the same template but given the execution of the OnWired’s template I would be inclined to say someone ported it over into a WordPress theme, but it’s hard to say without asking OnWired if it’s their own or if they got it from somewhere. But at least you know it’s either a stolen custom design, or it’s a theme, and not there own creation… figure out which one of the two possibilities that left and you’ll have your answer.


    Theme Name: EPIC Planning
    Theme URI:
    Description: Epic Planning default theme
    Author: Aimee Whatley
    Author URI:
    Tags: fixed width, multiple boxes, black


    Wow, definitely using the same theme. Either that or one of them ripped off the other.


    Both sites were created at the same time. However, since isn’t a wordpress site. I can’t help but think that it came first. Someone took their css and turned it into a theme. Plus, the Epic Planning’s css looks a bit sketchy. Onwired looks more from scratch.

    This is fun though. Playing which came first. We should do this more often.


    Should point out that it can still be a purchased theme, no point in making accusations without all of the proper information.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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