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    A client of my employers is currently using Expression Web for their website. It’s like Contribute or Dreamweaver or any of those other WYSIWYG editors. Unfortunately, the client is stuck on wanting to use Expression Web.

    We created a new home page for their website and coded it without a WYSIWYG editor (you know, the right way). We sent it off to him, but he’s having problems implementing it on his website.

    Does anybody know of any tips on getting him back on track and/or does anybody know of someone we can refer this client to (as a paid client)?


    # April 13, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    Can you be more specific about the kind of problems he is having in terms of implementing his website? Does he not know how to edit it? Is it a FTP issue? What exactly does Expression Web have to do with the problem (other than just being an annoying software)?

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