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    Anyone regularly offer a webmail service for their clients? or use it themselves?

    I need some suggestions on what company to use. I’m not talking about hotmail, gmail, etc.
    I’m talking about a program(web-based) that lets someone SECURELY log in to their pop3 mail account.

    I dont know much about it really, so any thoughts or comments regarding how secure it really is, or any direction to a free service would be great. I saw smartermail, from SmarterTools, but it seems a little complex.

    On the hand of simplicity, I found this…, which had a secure login option. I just googled "webmail" and this came up.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! thanks!

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    I have used a couple of really bad ones before, nothing that I would suggest using.

    I know you specifically said "not gmail", but have you checked out Google Apps for your domain? This is all the power of gmail (awesome conversation threading, awesome spam filtering, tagging, etc etc etc), for use on your own domain. I have set up a couple of clients with it and they seem to like it. I should probably be using this myself but for whatever reason I have stuck with a regular gmail address. You set up users through their interface and clients can log in to check their mail at a URL like – which is a bit "brandable"

    It’s free, by the way.

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    Nice Chris, thanks alot. I’m going to look further into this, but it looks good. Plus, free = clients happy.

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    I use Google Apps for my clients email set-up. It’s got more space than I could give them, better spam filters and, like you say ‘It’s Free!’ It also offers IMAP, POP and a very decent web interface. Another good thing is that if you need to switch servers/hosts for any reason, you don’t have to backup your email cos it remains at Gmail – just re-point the MX record and you’re done.

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    And here’s a link to Google Apps. (although it shouldn’t be hard to find, haha)

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    here at work we are using google aps as well,

    Normal mail goes in to google, it get filtered… YAY. Than I just recieve it trough the IMAP account on my thunderbird or Mail client of choice :D When i dont have access to my pc i can just go to mailbox trough google. Easy as pie.

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    Of course, on a privacy related level, you should inform your clients that Google will automatically go through the e-mails, scan them for keywords and bring up relevant ads (on the right or top side) if logged in through webmail. If you use Thunderbird/etc, ads won’t be a problem.

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    Quick question about the Google Apps…

    Do you guys create a whole new admin and account for each specific clientURL?

    or do you just create your one domain, as in your design site’s url, and just add users?

    The way I have it set up right now is this…
    I have Google Apps verified for my company’s domain.
    I added a client’s domain.

    I changed the MX records for both(mine needed to be changed to be verified I think).

    Now, a client logs into the apps page by using a username like..


    From there, they can add their own email accounts onto that as well.

    Does that make sense for a setup? Thanks.

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    I create a separate google-apps account for each domain/client.

    # September 4, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    i personally use neomail over the others too ..of the others too i wud use Squitrel Mail because is not cluttered ..

    # September 6, 2008 at 2:31 pm, looks very nice … i have never used it but i stumbled upon the site some time ago., very basic .. but very easy as well., dont use this one … it sucks!

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