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    I have AVS video converter and its pretty straight forward. Thing is, im trying to figure out what resolutions i should be doing. .a website im working on is mainly video, needs to be self hosted.
    if i make all these different copies of videos, of different formats, how do i get the right one to play on the right device.. im looking at videojs but theres only 3 options in its embed example


    hi !
    i’m not an expert..but …
    i’ve been using projekktor: easy to implement, customisable, cross browsers compatibility (even ie6 !), mobile devices , support (forum)…


    ill certainly be checking this out.. but after a couple minutes on the site im not sure its quite what im looking for. it seems to be just a player.. i was hoping for something that would detect an HD device, and then show the HD video
    if its a small ipod, then show a video formatted to that ipods resolution..
    thank you though i havnt stumbled upon this site til now.


    I’ve used CloneDVD mobile in the past and all I can say it that it is awesome. You basically choose the mobile device you want the video to be used on and it will convert it to the appropriate size and format.

    Oh, you need something that works live?… errrm….


    ideally i need something as close to youtube.. i understand the different formats which is easy enough, but if i make the formats all HD, then non hd device cant watch the video
    and i dont want to serve a 640width video to a 320 width device.. i dunno :( i know what i want but dont know how to say it.. i want perfectness


    what i mean is something more automated.. like youtube.. if you ever tried to download a Youtube video like here:

    youll notice several formats.. now, youtube, detects the best one for the device.. and thats what you get..

    So, i could easily convert all the formats on that link, but how the hek do i include them all in an embed like code and have the player serve the best one..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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