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    I’m doing a vocation paper for my last year of high school, and I wanted to do it on computer scientists, specifically front-end devs. Got any good interviews (video or text) of some of the leaders? I’d appreciate if you’d share. :-)

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    Being a front-end developer, I would say we are far from computer scientists!

    This interview with Paul Irish is pretty good:

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    Thank you for the links!

    @johnson – Does front-end development not fall under the (massive) umbrella of Computer Science? Just curious, because everywhere i’ve looked it’s shown to be under that at least partially.

    Or did you just mean you don’t “feel” like a computer scientist because it’s not as “deep” a field as say cryptography or something? ;)

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    Web development (in particular back-end though) is a part of the Computer Science curriculum.

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    As a front-end developer, I would never consider what I do to be a part of ‘Computer Science’.

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    What do you consider it? This is good info.

    (any courses recommended are computer science, from what I have seen)

    I have just been following some tutorials online, but if I was to go to a university, what would I take if not a computer science course?

    I did a Harvard EDX course online, CS101, and it seemed to give a great overview of how to think logically, and it touched on HTML/CSS/PHP/JAVA briefly.

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    I haven’t (and wouldn’t) gone to University for my job, so it’s hard for me to say what a recommended course would be.

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    I’ve done Computer Science, not for web development though but just because I like programming. The curriculum included courses about networking, databases, computer graphics, Java (which can run on servers), all which can be used for web development. Media & Knowledge Engineering (part of Computer Science) even covers parts of obvious front-end related stuff because it’s all about human-machine interaction.

    Sure for most web development you don’t need it, and I wouldn’t even suggest it (I’m a drop-out after bachelor :P )… but web development can definitely be part of Computer Science if you want it to be.

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    I get the pleasure of walking both sides of the street art and geek (since before screens and keyboards).

    The geek stuff is great as people repellant

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