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    thanks for your web site and sharing all this, and excuse my bad english.

    I’m trying to costumize AnythingSlider, version 1561, but I have a problem with the thumbNav: I would like to move the div.anythingControls, where the thumbNav are, on the top of – and before – the anythingWindow.
    I didn’t find something about this in the default options. I’m afraid I have to search into the javascript code: but where?

    thanks a lot


    Hi Olivier,

    I’m not sure what version number the anything slider code I have is, It’s the one that was used before it’s latest and greatest release.

    To change the actual markup position you would have to dig into the jQuery, I’m only starting to learn jQuery so I’ll leave that up to the pro’s.

    You can, however, adjust the position of all the elements through CSS if that’s all you need, for example if I were trying to put the thumbNav on the top of the slider I currently have in place, all I would need to do is change the top: 323px; to top: -30px;.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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