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    Steven Morgan

    I’m hearing a lot of hosting talk lately with GoDaddy buying Media Temple. I’m no expert on this stuff but I am looking for some insight.

    I run a small web development company and we are looking to move to a new hosting provider. I currently have a crappy resller package with a shared server. Uptime isn’t great, and I’m always keeping an eye on sites through cPanel to make sure nobody goes over their disk space/bandwidth limits.

    I used to work for a company that used Rackspace and this new cloud server technology. I’ve looked at Digital Ocean and a few others and I’m not exactly sure.

    Most of our sites are smaller business sites with not much traffic, however some are large blogs that handle a couple thousand people a day and eat up bandwidth. Is there a host that has a reseller plan perfect for both of these? Or should I have a shared hosting account that handles small sites and get a Dedicated IP for the large sites?

    That may not make any sense, like I said I don’t fully understand it all.

    Current sites: 25. We could have up to a few hundred over time.


    What’s your budget?

    Steven Morgan

    I’d like to keep it under $50 per month. Though I can be flexibly. I’ll pay for what I have to have. Obviously something around $20 would be awesome, but I’m aware that may not be do-able

    Steven Morgan

    I’ve also heard of using a CDN like amazon or cloudflare. Does that just help with keeping bandwidth limits down? Is that a good idea on every site? Just big sites like blogs with a lot of images? How is that any different than a web host?


    If you’re looking to pay $20-50 per month bandwidth should not be your issue. CDN is not a solution for bandwidth. It’s a performance thing.

    Steven Morgan

    My current host allows 100GB bandwidth, and one of my sites uses around 72 GB per month. plus I have a few other high traffic ones, so that’s kind of my issue right now. I had to buy a seperate GoDaddy hosting package for that one that offered ‘unlimited’ bandwidth


    I tried Godaddy a few years back and the experience and customer service was not good. Their interface was also not very user friendly, and I believe they sold out to an investment company who’s rumored to be taking offers from EIG. Although some would disagree and take GoDaddy’s side, I would say no way to MediaTemple now that they are owned by them.

    Dreamhost is an EIG company. I wouldn’t recommend them either. These companies are known for overselling their resources — something you definitely don’t want for your websites. I wouldn’t be surprised if their VPSs have very low CPU allowance.

    I’ve been dealing with StableHost and their technical support is top notch. They have the latest hardware setup for high performance. You might check out their Enterprise, or VPS Hosting if you’re comfortable with managing it yourself. If you plan to go with them, please consider using my link if you found this helpful.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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