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    After the last couple of my attempts drawing much help and advice I have started a layout for another site. Voice of the Ozarks is wanting a site for their organization so I laid one out for them. I realize it is not mostly black or gray but that is just me (I just do not enjoy working with those colors if I am not directed to), but I realize to do well I may have to follow the herd, and do what is popular right now. But anywho let me know what you think, the typography probably needs work and most of you may not approve of no header tags and using images but I will read Chris’ sIFR article and see what I can do about that.

    Thanks much in advance.


    The font on the banner doesn’t quite match the background you are using. It’s gritty and grungy, while you’re using more of an americana type of theme – I’d go for those type of fonts.

    Your menu gradient background is much too pronounced from the white to black. So the white text color is very, very hard to see. Not to mention the bullets don’t match much.

    Also, your sidebar menu and your top menu don’t match at all, so the consistency is lost. And the padding below the sidebar menu isn’t there so the text is hugging the border.


    I would continue the menu all the way to the bottom on the left side. I don’t mean that all the buttons have to go down that far, but put the menu minutes into a div that has the same styles as the menu or something along those lines.

    Also, there is no need to have two navigation menus that have the same contextual information in them. Emphasize one being more important than the other and place all the links to pages in that menu.


    you really dont need todays date on your website. its not really adding anything, plus every computer already has a calendar on it.

    i would agree with the others: try and make the menus consistent (the sidemenu is much nicer than the horizontal menu) and make the headings more obvious.

    on a postive note, i like your header, espeically the choice of font.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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