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    Hey All,

    I posted a week or so ago about my 80s/90s nostalgia blog Well, I have another blog I’m getting started that is in a similar niche. It’s called and about Animation on Blu-ray. I have the site up, but its not done yet or officially launched.

    Obviously, its going to be a site for news, reviews, etc about animated blu-ray titles. I’d like some feedback on the design while I finish filling in all the information. I haven’t finished formatting the single post pages yet.

    I used WordPress and tried using the category and tag systems to structure a release database. Basically I made child categories for movie studios so people could sort that way, and then used tags for some different animation styles. I’m not sure what I think about how the "Now Available" page is formatted.

    Anyway, I’d love some feedback!


    Rob MacKay

    hey :)

    Again well done. I must say I love the title text like that, the gradient works really nicely, well done – and I love the way its sitting on the wood.

    I have to say though it feels stuck between minimilist and graphicly heavy. Its either like it wants to loose some weight or put on a few pounds. Do you know what I mean?


    first off, i like the design.

    a few changes though:

    1 put a rainbow pattern on the cd, make it more lifelike
    2 get a hover effect on the navigation
    3 you have some alignment issues in firefox with the searchbox, maybe put it in the sidebar, it looks crowded beneath the header text
    4 maybe bump up the text size of the list of pages in the sidebar, looks a bit unstyled

    also, youve got some weird horizontal scrolling issues on


    Thanks Rob, and yeah I know what you mean. It started as a really minimalistic design and I added heavier graphics later. I think maybe the post boxes on the home page need some graphics.

    Chazzwick – thanks a lot, I’ll try to do the rainbow effect, and I def. do need some hover states on the navigation.

    What is the scrolling issue on SMC? And what browser?

    Thanks guys, its nice to get some feedback!


    Firefox 3 (Windows XP), i just get a horizontal scrollbar for no apparent reason. Using firebug, i think its due to the ul#about. though i may be wrong

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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