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    Hello, guys.
    I have an idea to make a site for my friends musicians, who make cyberpank music.

    The idea is next:

    there is a background with a picture of some electronic board with a lot of tracks on it. And when the pointer is over the end of one of that tracks, there starts an light-blue electronic impulse, that goes from start to end of the track. And it should be a background with a lot of such impulses and HTML elements over it.

    In Adobe AE I have made one of that impilses, it works fine and responsive to screen size, I like it.
    But when I add the second, the playback plays only one of impulses, and then the second (if I put the animation on different places on timeline), or two at the same time (if I put first animation under second). To activate animation I use “onmousemove”, so when the pointer move over any of two elements, the animation plays, but whole.

    The question is – how to make all of that impulses play independently from each other? The result must be – when the first animation started, I move the pointer to the second impulse and it starts too, but first DOESN’t STOP and each animation starts and plays independently from each other.

    Maybe I should use other way to realize that.

    Here is the result, just move the mouse on the screen on left middle and top

    Sorry for that long story and bad English and greetings from UA =)


    I believe not too many members will download a ‘random’ file and then analyse it unfortunately. My honest opinion is that the days of using Adobe for creating web animation are pretty much over. It is ‘heavy’, inaccessible and vulnerable. The way to go with this would probably better be left to CSS animation and jQuery. There will likely be a lot more members that can offer assistance with that as well.


    Okay, thank you. Will try there =)


    Reading up a bit, it apparently is a tool to create exactly what was mentioned before (HTML, CSS and jQuery) as a replacement of Flash, which isn’t supported well on mobile (and has other drawbacks).

    If that is the case, it should output these files. Creating a demo with this (on Codepen for example) could allow for some troubleshooting.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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