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    I recently build an ego-site for myself. Since I’m new to this web-design thing, I’d love some feedback. It’s at


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    Not a bad start at all!

    One thing though, the page is very dark. I can’t read the text on the left or right without highlighting it. The navigation in the middle (which is sort of cool, btw), is also a little dark. Perhaps it needs to be a bit brighter on hover (change font to something close to white).

    Also, of the 8 links in your nav there, 6 of them go to different websites. This isn’t really preferable. Try to rethink what you want the website for. If it’s for a portal to other places, that’s fine. If you want people to stay, however, you’ll need to give them a reason to.

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    Thank you very much, most helpful!

    Actually, the site is fully meant to be a "personal portal", collecting what I do on the web. I don’t have any good idea for making people stay, so until then I’ll just go for the "portal". I also highlighted the "Blog"-button a little extra, since that one is really the only one I could imagine someone would want to spend some time on. Maybe too subtle?

    Also, I experimented a little with the colors. My screen is pretty bright, so I will reconsider my choices of color. Thanks!

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