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    Here’s my calling card: <!--I code, therefore I am-->

    What’s yours?


    Mostly I don’t leave much in my HTML, but in my CSS and JS comments, I tend to be rather snarky, and include various pop culture references, from Douglas Adams ( .magic-number { width: 42%; } // The answer is always 42 ) to Terry Pratchett ( .octiron { color: #430b60} ).

    Mostly just snark, though.


    Usually only in server-side source comments – and more of “amusing commentary” than a “calling card.”

    I did once write a web app where, if you visit the log-out page when you’re already logged out, it would display an error message asking you to log in before logging out.

    I wrote this once, without realizing the pun until later:

    $action = $_GET['lost'];

    I definitely do, although only in the CSS or JS.

    Yesterday I wrote a diatribe about how cracked out and busted the CMS we’re using is within the CSS, ending with ‘[CMS name]. I hate you’. ‘Internet Explorer. I hate you’ is also pretty common.

    I also finished off a fairly complex and well commented PHP script with ‘Or just ask David.’ (particularly because we’re about to get a new junior developer in the office).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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