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    I’m fully on board with using Git locally, but am getting cold feet with deployment.

    I want to start using Git to push changes from my local MAMP/htdocs folder to a production server. I’m scared of screwing things up on the production server, and here’s why:

    I have all the appropriate files committed to git locally and my .gitignore file is all set up. If I “git push production_server_name master”, will that upload everything I’ve committed to git locally and overwrite what’s on the server?


    I believe the production server has to pull the files in order to get them all. Pushing them from your local only moves it to the repository (which is on Github or Bitbucket or wherever).

    At least, I think so. Git still confuses the hell out of me sometimes. :)


    Interesting. I was hoping i could just say “OK, I’ve changed a file locally and want to upload it. Git Commit. Git Push. Changes made.”

    is that now how it works?


    Not really. The changes that you are making should really be in a branch that get merged into your master once all of the changes are done.


    @TheDoc: but that’s a workflow issue, isn’t it (please correct me if I’m wrong)? What @liberty1979 is referring to, is auto deployment I think (files are deployed on server once you push).

    I’ve tried to get that going but that’s a little trickier than I thought. From what I can tell, the server needs to pull what’s in the master branch (either at set intervals or whenever you send a command) and that’s the part that requires SSH server access and such…..which is where I pretty much gave up.


    @Senff – I refuse to give up! Not only this, I need to work a staging server into the workflow.

    Git, it is a mother.


    @Senff That’s what the jQuery team did with Github, WordPress and their site. It’s all integrated together.


    You might check out this video, and the comments that follow:

    [Your text to link here…](”)

    It’s one of Chris’s videos. It’s pretty informative, and kind of hilarious because he’s just sort of winging it and in the end nothing is working – but he’s doing everything on the fly and points out what the issues are. The process is solid, and the technical problems just inject a bit of humor.

    The only downside is that the deployment service isn’t free but, if that’s not an issue, then I think this might be what you’re looking for.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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