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    Hey, thanks in advance for trying.
    I am not a web designer so please keep that in mind when helping.
    I was hopng someone could point me in the right direction with 2 issues
    Both seem to be a problem, only upon change of resolution.

    1. Id like the top left logo “[LOGO] <—BUSINESS NAME —> to stay a fixed width from the left side regardless of resolution
    2. more importantly i need “Get up to date with % now!” to stay centered above the green rounded-rectangular shape which is normally a jotform. i tried the easy method of putting them both together in a table, so they move with one another, but that failed miserably. im thinking because 1. its a jot form 2. its a jot form that gets bigger (verticaly) as the user answers questions. so a table didnt work.

    ive messed with different “positions,” floats, widths, margins, i even tried to put them both in a div together, and control them that way. i cant figure it out. probably too stressed about the project/deadline to even think straight anymore. thank you so much in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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