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    I’ll do my best to describe the scenario. I started developing this website as a side project a couple months ago. This was my first time building a custom WordPress theme. I chose to use the HTML5 Reset theme.

    This was also my first time really using AJAX techniques. The goal was for the nav to stay put while the rest of the content changed. Chris Coyier’s articles and videos really came in handy. Videos #81 and #85 were particularly helpful.

    Here’s where I’m at:

    As you can see the URL is a bit of a mess. Still need to figure that out.

    Also…the nav along the bottom of the page (the dots) are only working properly in Chrome at the moment.

    Now let’s see if this makes any sense to you. What I am trying to do is this: I want the WordPress UI to be as user-friendly as possible for the client. My primary menu (left side) is loading content via AJAX but the secondary menu (dots along the bottom) is not. I want to fix this. The problem is that all 8 sub-pages (that you navigate via that secondary menu) are not actually pages but just a bunch of divs within the page. So this page is just a bunch of code and the client will never be able to edit this.

    What I need is for this content to be separated into child pages of this page so that the client will be able to easily add/remove child pages and edit the content of each. I will also need this secondary menu to respond to how many child pages exist and therefore auto-populate with the right number of dots. This is really confusing me because I think what I’m trying to do is load content via AJAX within AJAX loaded content.

    If you read all this and you think you understand what I’m trying to do…please share your thoughts! If you think you know how to fix this…I’d love to hear what you got. I imagine a little PHP might be needed to achieve this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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