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    I am working on some tabs on a page and the basic functionality is like this:
    When a tab is clicked we make an Ajax call and return content from another page
    problem is that the duration for the request is taking almost 2 seconds (1.81s),
    when inspecting the call I see that waiting(TTFB) takes 1.66s I also see that this only
    happens when we make an Ajax call when we initially load the page it only takes 16ms to load.

    I have tried reducing the page size, blocking any JavaScript that might be causing any delays but cannot find the problem, now this site runs on codeigniter could it be that has something to do with it? I have also tried removing any content from the html that is populated via php but nothing helps.

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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