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    Hi I’m posting this question here because it doesn’t seem to fit within the css, js or php forums.

    The website I’m working on has a fairly slow load speed and I’m trying to figure out ways to improve it. I checked it with google page speed insights and it advised several things, among those were:

    optimize images
    enable compression
    minify css/html
    eliminate render-blocking js/css

    I can cut out about 200 kbs if I do the top three things, but I can’t imagine 200k having that big of an impact on the speed…

    I feel like the js/css is what is creating the delay, but there isn’t much I can do there… I need the js for functinality, and i’m not about to inline all my css o.O

    I do have a script that is used to fade the page in on document.ready, so that could go…but the slowness was there before I added that, so just removing that script won’t
    (by itself) fix the issue.

    link to site

    Is the speed of the page even an issue?
    any recommendations on how to improve it?


    and i’m not about to inline all my css o.O

    minify and inline are two separate things. What you can do is create a style.min.cssand place your minified css into that. Use the minified file in production.

    As far as the speed, it seems there is a pause for pre-loading content. I would bet the issue is coming from Javascript.


    There are a couple of error in the Console logs which you could look at too.

    Also look at the ‘Audits’ in Web Inspector for Chrome…some issues there.


    Article by the filament group

    Also I thought This was a great article and has a nice snippet on deferred font loading.


    It looks to be a server problem. Chrome Dev Tools’ Network panel shows that the biggest slow-down is the home_test.php page, which on my computer took 5 seconds (proof) from a cacheless refresh until the DOMContentLoaded event was fired.

    If I were you, I’d take the index.html page and its assets (on a Mac, you can save everything by pressing Cmd+S), then upload that lot to another server or put it all on GitHub temporarily if you don’t have another server spare.

    This will tell you definitively if there’s a problem with the server, or your JS and stuff. It doesn’t seem to be anything front-end, though…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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