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    Hi everyone

    I’ve not built a website from scratch since late 2013. At that point I just rolled my own basic responsive grid that worked ok.

    I have two sites coming up that I need to code and I was just wondering what you guys regard as being best practise for grids as we stand in late 2016?

    These sites will be eCommerce and are fairly straight forward. My plan is to build the HTML and CSS templates and then build my theme.

    Would you roll your own? Should I be using Flexbox or is that not really for main layouts?

    Or would you look at a framework such as bootstrap? I’ve never been a fan of adding loads of classes to my HTML though.

    I have looked at susy grids before not sure if that’s still a thing. Or one of the many online grid generators.

    I appreciate that this is a bit of a open question and does come down to opinion but I would really appreciate your comments. It’s very important to me to know that I’m using best practises.

    Thanks in advance.


    Dan 19

    Hi Ricky,
    Hope you are doing great !!

    Thank for posting your requirement.

    Went through your requirement and i can surely help you out.

    please add me on Skype: cisin.daniel or e mail me at [email protected] so that we can have a detail discussion on this

    Daniel Smith


    If the sites are straight-forward and you’re just wanting the grid aspect (no pre-made buttons, menu, table styling, etc., that Bootstrap et al delivers), go for the lightweight grid systems or online generators for barebones cleanness.

    If you have time constraints, want something that requires less faff to style, or need help with JavaScript add-on utilities (sliders, menus, etc.) Bootstrap might be the faster option.

    You final choice depends on personal preference, project requirements, skills, and other such things though.

    When it comes to the punch, a framework is just a tool to get a job done, and you have to decide how much of the legwork you want it to do before you can explore what’s out there in greater detail.


    Thanks Beverleyh, I really appreciate your help.

    I’m not wanting any of the features a framework gives you so I may just opt for a lighter weight grid system. I’ve no real desire to create my own but I do want to keep things as performant as possible.

    Are there any that would you recommend?

    Thanks for replying Dan but I want to do this myself.


    Mr. Daniel Smith from India, or White as he sometimes calls himself, seems to have a huge knowledge base from which he can offer his unsolicited services all over the web.



    Are there any that would you recommend?

    I think I’ve worn this particular bookmark out ;) I always find myself referring back to it for easy roll-your-own simplicity.

    Personally, I tend to use box-sizing with negative margins for main layout stuff (method 2 in the linked page). I know I should try to use flexbox more now that support is storming ahead, but I only really use it for module/component/widget stuff.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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