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    I’m pretty new to the whole web design front. While I can code pretty efficiently in a few languages I’m still learning to put my hand to CSS, Javascript etc.

    What I would like is your opinion on the template I’m working on for my blog. Currently I’m just developing it as a static site but will be intending on converting it into a theme for WP.

    I wanted to go with a clean simple look, something of that like While I am currently happy with the way my site is going I’m worried it is too simple.

    This is the site in its current state.

    I’m intending on implementing the login next to the title on the right and then filling the boxes on the side with about info, twitter and perhaps the blog options. Also please note this is no where near finished. :D

    Anyway, enough of my ramble. I would just like some advice on stylisation and where I should and shouldn’t take this design.

    Thank you in advance.

    Retro or Joe…as I think my site gave it away :?


    Tbh, I’m not exactly sure where I’m taking it.

    I had an idea in my head but I think it would be a wise idea for me to create some form of mock-up to work from.

    Due to lack of content at the moment, the designs don’t seem to come together and that’s when I’ll get frustrated and change the design completely.

    I’ll use the advice given and look through some of the WordPress websites for inspiration.



    Cheers for the great advice.

    Gonna get working on some ideas. If you have any recommended websites for inspiration or good blog compilations. I know there is Google but just wanted to see if anyone had any specific recommendations.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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