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    **Before you continue, I am not that intelligent with Javascript and mostly stick to HTML and CSS. I am asking a lot, I know but I’m desperate to get this done. I will even throw a link on the page that links to your website or you CSS-Tricks profile page.**

    On a new webpage I am designing, I need an overlay with a 30% black transparent backdrop (kind of like a lightbox) that fades in about a few seconds after the page fully loads. This overlay will display an advertisement that will be inside a DIV. This piece needs to be able to detect AdBlock software or if the window size (not the screen resolution) is too small and display an alternative DIV if enabled. Showing an alternate DIV or element instead of the normal page content would be another plus if the Javascript isn’t enabled as well. After the overlay has been displayed for about 10 seconds or so, the DIV and backdrop will fade out automatically. This overlay should be closable by an “X” or the text “Close” in the top right corner of the overlay. As an added touch, this overlay should not reappear until Browser is closed and reopened again (so once per active browser session.).

    If anybody in the world is willing to do this for free, I will forever thank you can if we ever meet in person, I would ask for your autograph. **Thank You!!**

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