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    I don’t have CSS 100% down pat and I learn new stuff everyday, same goes with HTML but what I need more than anything now is what I would consider more advanced tutorials like PHP and MYSql stuff. I’ve pretty much learned everything that I have now from tutorials and I figure, if it’s working why change it?

    Upcoming projects:

    I have a team sport project coming (and an older one ongoing) that required some database access. Team entry with player names and stats for the most part. Each team needs to be username/password protected so an admin and the team captain can edit it but anyone can view it. If I could really go overboard, I would like the username/password tied to the SMF forum accounts but that would be a long term goal (and maybe more of a pipedream).

    Blog entry code (I can code for WordPress but that is bloated compared to what I need)

    Does anyone have, or have stumbled across a tutorial that would describe with good detail how to do this? Video tutorials like those at and here are perfect.

    As always, any help is appreciated.

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    PHP Screencasts:


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    themeforest blog also had a series on PHP


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    "al_m473" wrote:
    themeforest blog also had a series on PHP


    The link I posted is just that!

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