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    I am thinking about buying cs4. anyone got any opinions on it?


    Do you have CS3 now?

    I have read a review for the new Illustrator and it gave a real good example of if you have Illustrator CS3 now, there might not be a worth while reason to upgrade.

    Granted I haven’t downloaded the trial version yet, but for what I do with Photoshop and Illustrator now, there is no real need for me personally to upgrade.


    Even if you already have CS3, it’s totally worth the upgrade. All the apps have some cool new features as well as lots of refinements. Check out this AI review here. The reviewer is Mordy Golding, previous AI product manager. He’s an author of Real World Illustrator, and he has a nice blog that has some good stuff.


    You’re all barking mad lol I don’t know about the rest of the suite but DreamWeaver CS4 and Photoshop are FREAKIN aweosme. I beta tested Dreamweaver and saw some examples of what photoshop can do, especially with the new Content Aware Scaling … WOW… lol

    As for dreamweaver I don’t really use that many of the features anyway I really liked the new layout and options. There’s a new tab you get when you open a document. Before you would have to open each file that are linked to the document manually. Now you open for example index.html (which has jquery.js, style.js litebox.js) they show up in a menu at the bottom of the normal tab where u access to all of them without having to search and open it.

    …. I love it.. need upgrade.. too expensive

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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