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    You guys are all forward thinkers so I thought I’d run this by you. Addon domains (not subdomains) are added to my maindomain. They are “suppossed” to be seperate sites. As are subdomains for that matter. But the fact is they are both still assesable in 3 different ways. EG



    I dont want google getting any wrong ideas so I was originally going to 301 redirect all the canonical links to But now that I think more I believe I’m just going to buy another hosting plan to house all my addon domains. Reason being I dont want even the slightest chance of one of my addondomains being associated with the maindomain. Any of you considered these issues? And how have you fixed them? Because the fact is the only reason google does not associate addondomain.maindomain link with the main link is because google should never of bean shown that link. But in theory if it was shown that link a canonical issue could insue and possible the addon domain could even be assosiated with the main domain. Even subdomains are supposed to be considered different sites. But juice still flows. Take a blog.maindomain forinstance – it flows.


    Not sure I understand. Let’s say you have this file:

    This is the exact same file as these:


    So if you change anything in blabla.html, it will change on all four locations, right?

    BUT…. you want Google to consider this 4 separate, completely independent pages/sites? If someone searches for any content in blabla.html, you want all 4 sites to be listed in Google?

    Not really sure why you’d want to do that, but if that’s the case, you should just not use any canonical links, and just not let any site make any mention of the other three sites anywhere in the code.


    Yo. I don’t want them being seen as 4 different links. I want them seen as one. But 301 redirect is really not my question . It is more about addon donains and their inherent flaw.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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